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CAT-UK / CAT-Global specialises in fuel and emission reduction for all transport applications. We operate under the brand of CAT-UK within Europe.

Whether you own them, run them, drive them or maintain them, we have solutions and equipment to help reduce your overall costs and management of these assets. We service single unit customers to multiples with cars, trucks, vans, coaches, rail, off road assets, mining vehicles, military, marine and aviation assets.


Changes in CAT-Global

The new logo and branding for our own cleaning solutions will be ENGINE GREEN and our fluids are manufactured here in the UK now further ensuring great quality and value for money as well as EU Compliance.

 What we offer:

  • Preventative Maintenance Equipment
  • Fluid Management Tools
  • Low Cost Oil Analysis Tools
  • Fuel & Emission Reduction Technology
  • Fuel Quality Management
  • Mobile Fuel Polishing Equipment
  • Asset Tracking & Management Technology

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